The Easy-Lift Harness

About Us


As a business owner with my own landscape maintenance business I spent 20+ years in the Landscape Industry and I know first hand how hard this work can be. I can remember how sore I was after an 8-10 hour work day from using my line trimmer, power hedger, edger and pole saw. Of course my power equipment made the job easier but my hands, arms, shoulders and back couldn't handle the weight of these tools for such an extended period of time. When I first discovered the EASY-LIFT Harness I knew right away it was going to change the way people work in the landscape maintenance industry as well as the arboricultural industry. Unlike other harnesses, the EASY-LIFT doesn't pull you forward when operating power equipment. Instead, the EASY-LIFT's patented design encourages the user to maintain proper posture when working with this equipment. This means less injuries occur on the job and more work is done in a shorter period of time. No tool in the landscape and arborist industry has shown so much potential to save time and money since the invention of the EASY-LIFT Harness!

As I take my company to new levels in 2019 I am excited to see the changes in safety standards that will take place as a result of this incredible product. I have shown the EASY-LIFT to international audiences and I'm proud to say it is now known worldwide. My dealers and customers love the product and can appreciate its' many benefits. So take the time and navigate through the website to discover what so many already know about the EASY-LIFT Harness.