The Easy-Lift Harness


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the EASY-LIFT Harness and EASY-LIFT Christmas Tree models?
A: The EASY-LIFT Harness (original model) is designed for use with a power hedger, power pole pruner, line trimmer, stick edger, extended power pole pruner, air-spade or pressure washer wand. It has 2 gas pistons. The outer gas piston can be quickly removed to accommodate the lighter power equipment. And you can leave the outer piston on for heavier power equipment like the extended power pole pruner. It also rotates 180 degrees for increased mobility on the job.

The EASY-LIFT Christmas Tree model is designed to be used exclusively with Christmas Tree power shearers.

Q: Is the EASY-LIFT Harness adjustable for the height of the operator?
A: Yes. The lower mast can be adjusted or tilted up or down for best vertical position using the upper bolt and nuts provided.

Q: Can the EASY-LIFT Harness be stored easily for transporting?
A: Yes. The EASY-LIFT has a quick release pin located at the pivot point between the boom and lower mast to fold down the upper mast for convenient storage and transportation.

Q: How can I adjust my EASY-LIFT for use different heights?
A: The adjustable toggle loop located on the boom can be adjusted for different height applications depending on the implement.

i.e. – adjusting the toggle loop back will raise the static cord higher for power pole pruners and extended power hedgers. Adjusting the toggle loop forward will lower the static cord for line trimmers and stick edgers.

Q: How will the EASY-LIFT increase my productivity?
A: Since the EASY-LIFT Harness can lift up to 100% of the implements weight while encouraging proper posture the operator can increase productivity up to 300% due to less stress and strain on hands, arms and shoulders.

Q: How can I get spare parts for my EASY-LIFT Harness?
A: Spare parts are available at your nearest authorized EASY-LIFT dealer.